As a young child my mother Aneta, taught me the skills that I have used every day to create the Michelle Roth collection and now the expanded accessories collection of veils,headpieces and earrings.

My aesthetic and styled sensitivity is creating gowns and accessories that have lasting impact. Gowns that celebrate strength and femininity and accessories that have longevity beyond the wedding day.

Classic gowns are all about fit, fabric and confidence. It also needs the understanding of when to start and when to stop designing more details.

Classic is also about championing the individuality and the personality of the bride and this is where accessories play a vital role.

Accesssories can turn up the volume, create an aura and point of view,ranging from bold to delicate with even just one item! Make it fun and express yourself through accessorization.

Here are the top 5 ways you can determine if a gown and accessories are classic and why you may well be a classic bride yourself!


Gowns that have the confidence to be bold and gorgeous without needing to make a fuss.

Whilst accessories have the power to compliment your gown,hair and make-up.

Even one item,like a veil can create an aura that completes a look.A veil for example, can be used to mark the end of the ceremonial part of your wedding and the beginning of the reception,when it is removed or bustled.

Bride Wears Maine


Classic does not always mean one solid piece of fabric. Classic can also have layers or use different fabrications. A classic gown needs a definition of what it is conveying stylewise. Here our ball gown contains a very classic look. It’s not expressed in an exaggerated manner but I keep it proportioned. It is every bit classic and striking as is the earring. 

Bide wears Brynlee paired with the Ava earring


Create a classic look by contrasting a striking tulle ball gown with gorgeous earring, it is when there are too many elements being worn they can cancel each other out.

Bride wears Avon paired with the Logan earring. 


Yes, a fully beaded gown can definitely be classic. The area of concern is when there are too many other additional and competing elements that crowd out the original classic look.  

There is a great saying by Coco Chanel that illustrates this idea:

“ Before you leave the house,look in the mirror and take one thing off”.

Bride Wears Briella paired with the Luna earring.


Pick the accessories that YOU feel comfortable and love wearing. Choose pieces that make a balanced statement.. 

Bride wears Genise and Madison comb