Stephanie Blum-Patrick in a Michelle Roth Gown – Truly on October 18 2020

Groom: Christopher

Location: The Inn at Millrace Pond

First Song: In case you didn’t know- Brett Young

Why Did I Choose a Michelle Roth Gown: Felt like me the second I put it on. It was what I was looking for but was unable to find anywhere else. I even had the pleasure of meeting Michelle at Klein field and she agreed to customize the gown a little bit for me as well. Such a pleasure. You were such an important puzzle piece to the whole culmination of the day. Your gown made me feel like an absolute princess. Thank you again for the customization. I really appreciate it. Again, it was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you on my vision.

Instagram: @day.dream_studio_

Hair: Veronica

Makeup: Amanda Cassese
Instagram: @abeautybyamanda

Instagram: The Inn at Millrace Pond Florist – Peggy

Cake: Frungillo Caterers