Is classic coming back or did it never really go away? Designer Michelle Roth Shares.

As a young child my mother Aneta, taught me the skills  that I use every day to create the Michelle Roth collection.

My aesthetic and styled sensitivity is creating gowns that have lasting impact. Gowns that celebrate and  strength and femininity. 

Classic gowns are all about fit, fabric, confidence in understanding when to start and when to stop designing.

Classic is also about championing the individuality and the personality of the bride.

Here are the top 5 ways you can determine if a gown is classic and why  you may well indeed be a classic bride yourself!

Clean uncluttered chic

Gowns that have the confidence to be bold and gorgeous without needing to make a fuss.

Bride Wears Voltaire

Definite sharp silhouette 

Classic does not necessarily mean that they cannot be any layers or different Fabrications. A classic gown needs a definition of what it is conveying stylewise.  Hear our ball gown is contain a very classic look. It’s not doing it in an exaggerated manner but I keeping it proportioned,  it is every bit classic and striking 

Bide wears Kacey 


Create a classic look by contrasting a striking satin ball gown with gorgeous pearl choker necklace it is when there are too many elements being worn they can cancel each other out.


Yes, a fully beaded gown can definitely be classic. The area of concern is when it becomes too many other additional elements that made crowd out the original classic look.  

Bride Wears Kingston

Signature pieces are totally classic inspired

Pick your accessory with tender care and choose a piece that makes a statement without being overwhelming. Bride wears Headpiece Art.

Resourcer – Head pieces of Art link coming soon 

Who would be the perfect photographer to capture your wedding ? 

Michelle Roth interviews lauded destination photographer, Fabiana Skubic, invited to our recent “Breakfast at Kleinfeld” photo-shoot shot entirely on location at Kleinfeld Manhattan.


Michelle Roth 
“Fabiana how did you enjoy the day working with us here at Kleinfeld, on our special Michelle Roth concept shoot”? 

Fabiana Skubic
“Thank you for inviting me to join your team today Michelle. 
The team was fabulous, resulting in pure magic. Your gowns are breathtaking, sophisticated and elegant. We just loved how your brother, Henry Roth, currently in Sydney transferred his high energy and positivity across the globe – straight from Australia to the U.S.A, via Skype. He was with us the entire day”.  

Michelle Roth 
“I agree with you Fabiana! Also, a reminder that the synergy and teamwork between those people who are capturing your day, and yourself, and significant other is everything,” 


Michelle Roth 
“Fabiana it’s been quite a long day & thank you so much! However, before you leave at the front entrance, I must ask you some tips and advice for Brides when they are choosing the right photographer for their wedding day.” 


Fabiana Skubic
“Yes Michelle I have three points to make with regard to that question” 
“​Determine the kind of style of photography that you favour. whether it’s formal, or slightly posed portraits that still look fresh and candid or a completely photo-journalistic style. And consider the editing style you love, too; maybe you like dark and moody, or very 
high-contrast, or light and airy, or true-to-life colors, or bold and bright, etc. – there are so many different options. Discovering your photography style will help you find the right photographers” 

Michelle Roth 
“Determining the editing style of photographers that you like I think is key here. The mood, the feeling, the emotions that editing will”.
“I agree with you Fabiana! Also, a reminder that the synergy and teamwork between those people who are capturing your day, and yourself, and significant other is everything,”  


Fabiana Skubic
“You ​really​ need to love your photographer. ​You’ll spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than with your future spouse, so make sure your personalities match. My suggestion is to schedule an in-person or video chat meeting, so you can see each other and make sure you’re a great fit.”  
Michelle Roth 
“ It’s one of those pieces of advice that I think cannot be emphasized enough. Weddings are emotional enough and getting on well with the people have taken care of your photography must be natural and enjoyable”


Fabiana Skubic
Experience determines how the wedding shoot will look with each of the photographers you interview. This way, you can ensure that their style and experience mesh with your personal vision. Read reviews from their past clients, follow up on references, and ask to see full wedding galleries so you can glean their vision, style, and how they shoot and edit. 

Photographer: Fabiana Skubic
Collection:  Breakfast at Kleinfeld

Michelle Roth - Breakfast at Klienfeld
Michelle Roth - Breakfast at Klienfeld